About Us

After discovering a lack of diverse needs with health and fitness lifestyles amongst themselves and their generation, they decided a new kind of health and fitness application needed to be created. Universal Legacies Inc. would soon become the company to deliver the application to solve this problem.

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Our Mission

Here at Universal Legacies Inc., we aim to innovate health and fitness technology through mobile application creation! We promise to bring more value, convenience, and fun into people's lives through apps.

What Universal Aims To Accomplish:

Universals overall aim is to bring communities together for the purpose of learning and adopting new things about each other's lifestyles. As a company, we are going to change the way people view health and fitness relationships in the world. Our product will provide the opportunity for individuals to interact with each other within their community and other communities based on several health and fitness interests.

Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Character
  • Burning Desire
  • Health
  • Action

Our Philosophy

We see things from a futuristic point of view so we always ask ourselves “What can we do now to make for a better tomorrow?”