Corporate Partnerships

We want to grow our company in collaboration with fitness companies that are looking to grow as well! This all starts with you!

As a creative way to help fitness companies gain more exposure while also helping our company please it’s customers we have created the LincNGo Mobile App Collaboration!


The simple 5 step process to our collab

  1. Our app will have a rewards page where users can view their points and the different rewards they can redeem with their points. You guys are those rewards hint hint!
  2. Your company will be showcased in one of the rewards categories for users to check out and use their points towards.
  3. Users earn points from Referring friends, Hosting/Joining events and the Daily login. Users can then earn enough points to redeem the great rewards offered by you guys.
  4. Provide us with offerings as much as you like as often as you like. You can stay with the program as long as you want or opt out of the program whenever you want!
  5. Once you guys are ready to go, we have a simple call to go over everything and get you in the app.

What we need from our partners

All we ask from you guys is to provide some special offers in the form of codes that our users on the app can redeem to shop on your guys website. The types of offers are exclusively up to you guys although we encourage you provide a free offer or two to get users to you faster.

Also the name of your company, some basic info about your company for the about section, a image of your company logo, some images of your products or services, your support email address, a link to the page to shop at, and any details on how your offers work on your website (I.E shipping ect)

We only display the amount of offers you have available so it’s of course limited with one offer redeemable per user and they last as long as it takes for the customer to redeem them.

For more questions or to join our partnership please contact the CEO Anthony Lawson via email at