Anthony Lawson

About me:

Born and raised in California, but lives in Flagstaff, Arizona



Hiking, skateboarding, running, hanging out with family and friends, and working on my companies, my true passion!

My Story

All my life I wanted to be an entrepreneur, from as long as I can remember, this has always been my dream. I never had much growing up, in fact my family lost every home I grew up in, but I always had love and support from my parents. This proved to be all I needed to chase my dreams.  Since my last year of college, I dedicated myself to being an entrepreneur and taking the risk and rewards of owning my own company. Me and two partners started our first company CAWIGA Services LLC. Upon this I left the life of pursuing jobs and haven't looked back no matter how up and down things have been, and for it i’m extremely grateful. The real you can always be found when you're challenging yourself everyday and what better challenge than running your own company. To make my family proud, create generational wealth, extend my legacy and help humanity is all i can ask for. So here we are with my journey, I want everyone to be apart of!

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Remember that your real wealth can be measured, not by what you have, but, by what you are.
 ~Napoleon Hill